Comunicato stampa – CroTrail 2016

Christian Insam  – CroMagnon man of 2016!

The athlete from Team Montura was the first to arrive on the beach in Menton and enjoyed a nice refreshing bath at the end of a very hard Cro Trail.

Not far behind were two strong athletes of Team Bottero Ski, Mauro Giraudo and Fabio Cavallo.

The women’s podium saw the favorite Virginia Oliveri, followed by the home athletes Monica Dalmasso and Martina Chialvo almost an hour and a half behind.

Athletes were challenged in the beautiful Alpes Maritimes; they enjoyed great weather and a hot sun that put everyone’s strength to the test, especially in the final part which descended to sea level .

The Cro, the Marguareis and the French Riviera were confirmed, as amongst the hardest races in the world of trails, and not just Italian, as witnessed by all the athletes. The kilometers and altitude change, added to the high temperature in the day and some very technical topography made the finish a real achievement for every competitor.

This year the departure time at the end of Limone evening for Cro Trail and the Marguareis was met favourably by the athletes, and for next year we have already other adjustments to make this program an even more beautiful adventure for everyone.

Among other things, the review of certain time barriers, for example that of Don Barbera who, determined by the constraints of the Alpine Rescue, often stretched athletes to the limit.

A thank you from the organization goes out to everyone who helped us achieve this great weekend with the image of sport, fatigue and contact with nature.

And of course, we cannot forget to thank the athletes from 14 countries who participated: to all, finisher or not , we hope you enjoyed your race and a wish “au revoir” until the 2017 edition !!!



Christian Insam, Mauro giraudo, Fabio Cavallo

Oliveri Virginia, Dalmasso Monica, Chialvo Martina

Lantermino Danilo, Rovera Paolo, Bongioanni Fabrizio

Ravani laura, Malbos Veronique, Lavezzo Gabriella

Amalberti Emiliano,Giordano  Alessandro, Laugier Romuald

Giordano Elisa, Pharisat Marie-Line, Menapace Cinzia