2017 – The Regulations


Dear trailers, with this event comes an enormous privilege.

You are fortunate to be participating in this event that will take you through fragile, protected areas, and in particular the magnificent Parco del Marguareis.

In such places respecting fauna and flora is essential: you must stay on the paths and tracks, following our “balisage” (path markers) without straying off them. Only let your eyes wander, not your feet, to ensure that what Mother Nature wants to preserve remains preserved. You will find a drop zone for your rubbish. On some grassy slopes you may find herds of animals grazing; keep vigilant, and don’t disturb them. Keep an eye out for the sheepdogs that the shepherds use to guard the flocks.

Be vigilant: you will be disqualified and fined if you don’t follow these rules.

Some details of the organization have yet to be defined, so please understand, these rules are to be considered PROVISIONAL until stated otherwise

Stay tuned !!

Any and all updates will always be brought to your attention in the News section

Art.01 – Organization


The Association Cro Trail (Association under the Law of Association Ref. 1901, France),in collaboration with “La Via del Sale a.s.d.”,organizes in semi self-sufficiency: the ultra-trail LIMONE-BREIL-MENTON, on date 8/9 July 2016 known as TRAIL DU CRO , the TRAIL MARGUAREIS (LIMONE- BREIL) , TRAIL OF FRENCH RIVIERA.

Art.02 – The Events

The Trail Cro  (LIMONE-BREIL-MENTONE), is an Alpine ultra-trail, of about 115 km and a total positive altitude change of + 7000m and a negative one of 7900m, starting from Limone, passing through Breil sur Roya and finishing in Menton on the Côte d’Azur.

The course connects the twin towns of Limone Piemonte (Italy) and Menton on the Côte d’Azur (France) crossing the Southern Alps, , mostly on alpine trails, and finishing next to the Mediterranean on the beach near the port, which runs mainly on mountain paths.

The course consists of a number of passages at altitude, up to 2400m, and the conditions can be difficult (extreme cold, wind, fog, rain and even snow!!). Certain weather conditions can become “extreme”. The route presents different difficulties and techniques. An adequate training, a knowledge of the mountains and mental strength and self sufficiency are indispensible to succeed in this endeavour.

The start will be at 17.00 on the 7th July, from Limone Piemonte.

At the same time, on the same course two other trail races will be run. The first from Limone to Breil (80km, 5400m of positive altitude change, 5900m of negative altitude change) crossing the Parco del Marguareis, and called the “Trail du Marguareis” and there will be another trail called “Trail della Riviera Francese” which goes from Breil to Menton (35 km, 1700mD+, 2000mD-, start at 14,30, July 8th , Breil sur Roya)

These ultra-trails open out together at the same time and impose a certain degree of organization and self-sufficiency on participating competitors. They must always carry with them the obligatory equipment as per the list at Art. 16. In particular in the first section,, the Alpine one, a very important aspect is clothing temperatures can drop below 0°C and snowfalls may occur.

The Trail du CRO starts at Limone Piemonte, up on the ridge that marks the Italian-French border, through the Park Marguareis, follows the ridge south for tens of kilometers, crosses the Alpes Maritimes and drops to Breil sur Roya. Beyond that the route passes through Sospel, and generally following the GR trail ends at the beach at Menton, near Monaco. This is a very demanding course.

The maximum time allowed for completion of each of the events is: 30 hours for the Cro; 21 hours for the Trail du Marguareis, and 9 hours for the Trail of the French Riviera. The time barriers include all breaks. Intermediate time limits (hour barriers) have been set for each specific checkpoint, and can be found in the road-book and on the event’s web site. These hour barriers are calculated to enable participants to reach the Finish line within the maximum allowed time, including eventual breaks.

To be authorized to continue the event, competitors must set off again from the control post before the fixed hour barrier, otherwise the competitors will be disqualified and their bib will be withdrawn.

ATTENTION! The “BALAI” (Sweeper) when he passes will remove all marks from the course (balises, signposts, etc). It may be risky and dangerous to continue on the course without a bib / despite his or her disqualification: the Organizers decline any responsibility for any incident and/or accident that may occur to the disqualified competitor if he insists on going on.

Art.03 – Acceptance of the Regulations and the Chart

he Cro-Trail, the Trail of Marguareis and the French Riviera Trail individual all take place in accordance with the present REGULATIONS, to be consulted and downloaded from the website “www.crotrail.com”.

The competitor undertakes to comply with these Regulations and the Chart upon entry to this event, and thereby releases any claim against the Organization for any incident and/or accident that may arise following his non-compliance with the aforementioned Regulations and Chart.

Any runner seen throwing his rubbish on the course will be penalized or disqualified.

Dustbins have been placed at each refreshment post and must be used.

It is imperative to follow the paths as marked (balises), without shortcutting. In fact, to shortcut a path causes an irreversible erosion of the site and thus degrades it irremediably.

Art.04 – Conditions of Entry

  • 18 (eighteen) years old and over before 06/7/17
  • Demonstrate the requirement before 07/01/17.

For the TRAIL CRO (Limone-Menton)

Satisfy one of the following requirements:

  1. To have completed 1 trail in 2016 or 2017 at least 70km and 3000m of positive altitude change;
  2. To have reached 4 points ITRA
  3. To have finished the CroMagnon 2016 or the Marguareis 2016
  4. To have completed one of the races listed in the trail friends

For the Marguareis Trail (Limone-Breil)

Satisfy one of the following requirements:

  1. To have completed in 2016 or in 2017 a trail of 50 km
  2. To have concluded the Cro-Magnon 2016, the Marguareis 2016 or the Neander 2016
  3. To have completed one of the races listed in the trail friends

For the French Riviera Trail ,Breil-Menton

No requirement is needed, only a medical sport certificat, which is compulsory.

For all our competitions

Partecipants must produce proof of theraces held at organization mail address provided on the website by 07/01/17

Produce a medical certificate dated within one year (the day of the event), which states your current state of health

By enrolling the competitor certifies that he or she is in physical and psychological condition fit for participating in the trail. They also certify to being aware of its difficulties and risks.

Should the enrolment be based on a fake declaration as to the completed trail, the enrolment will be cancelled and no reimbursement will be made.

At the discretion of the organization, some races considered particularly demanding will be considered qualifying even if they do not reflect the characteristics outlined above. These opportunities will be communicated widely on our site www.crotrail.com.

Art.05 -Category and Classification of competitors (Individuals)

SENIOR SH-SF 18 to 39 years

VETERAN 1 V1H-V1F 40 to 49 years

VETERAN 2 V2H-V2F 50 to 59 years

VETERAN 3 V3H-V3F 60 to 69 years

VETERAN 4 V4H-V4F 70 onwards

The time classification of every competitor will be recorded in hours and minutes.

The three winners, male and female, will not be considered for the category results

Art.06 – Event Program. Road Book. Communications

See the Raid website www.crotrail.com

It is compulsory that competitors have to download the Road Book and its updating from the website, and have it with them at the start. No printed Road Book will be handed over to the competitors.

Communications, notices, will all be issued on the Raid website only.

Art.06/A – Shuttle Buses

Shuttle buses from Menton to Limone
The departure will be between 9am to 10am on Friday, July 7. The buses will be near the Lucien Rhein Stadium in Menton.
Shuttle buses from Breil to Limone
The departure will be at  10.30am on Friday, 7. The buses will be near the Railway Staion in Breil.
Riviera Francese
Shuttle buses from Menton to Limone

The departure will be at 10.30am on Saturday, July 8. The buses will be near the Lucien Rhein Stadium in Menton.


The organisation will provide buses to take the people who have abandoned from Saorge to Breil sur Roya. At Breil sur Roya, we will organise buses to pick up those that have abandoned from Sospel; the buses will only leave when they are full, with the first leaving after the start of the Riviera Trail (2pm on Saturday 8th July), and the second in the evening after the arrival of the last competitor at Breil sur Roya.

Before Saorge the eventual retirees will be transported to the closest country by the volunteers on the trail after the arrival of the last competitor; from here the trailer that has abandoned will have to organise his own return.

Art.07 – Checks at the Start of the Race

Each competitor will receive a bib with chip incorporated inside. At the start he will have to register by registering this chip, presenting the bib pinned in front, at the waist. Without registering the competitor will not be classified.
Competitors must have in their backpack all material required, otherwise he/she will not be consented  to leave.  A check of the backpacks is expected at the time of delivery of the bibs and departing; checks will be possible on the path.

The organization reserves the right to conduct inspections of backpacks during the competition.

Art.08 – Checkpoints

Checkpoints are established along the course and constitute points of compulsory clocking-in of the Race Chip for the competitors.

The clocking-in at each Checkpoint will allow the timekeeper to establish the classification of each competitor. Clocking-in is essential for the safety as by cross controlling the passages at two adjacent checkpoints it will be possible to verify that no competitor is missing. In the case of not clocking-in, the competitor will be held responsible for all of the consequences, for which the competitor will be asked to bear the costs.

The registering at the finishing line will enable the timekeepers to establish the results.

Each competitor delayed by helping and/or assisting any fellow one, or other participating staff, may request a time credit for the delay experienced at the closest Checkpoint.

A back-pack/bag and equipment check can be carried out at any given time during the competition

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