Registration for the three Trail can be made Online using the procedure of active Wedosport

For general information, these are the Regulation’s articles relating to the method of registration, the requirements and everything you need to participate in this fantastic adventure

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Art.04 – Conditions of Entry

  • 18 (eighteen) years old and over before 06/7/17
  • Demonstrate the requirement before 07/01/17.

For the TRAIL CRO (Limone-Menton)

Satisfy one of the following requirements:

  1. To have completed 1 trail in 2016 or 2017 at least 70km and 3000m of positive altitude change;
  2. To have reached 4 points ITRA
  3. To have finished the CroMagnon 2016 or the Marguareis 2016
  4. To have completed one of the races listed in the trail friends

For the Marguareis Trail (Limone-Breil)

Satisfy one of the following requirements:

  1. To have completed in 2016 or in 2017 a trail of 50 km
  2. To have concluded the Cro-Magnon 2016, the Marguareis 2016 or the Neander 2016
  3. To have completed one of the races listed in the trail friends

For the French Riviera Trail ,Breil-Menton

No requirement is needed, only a medical sport certificat, which is compulsory.

For all our competitions

Partecipants must produce proof of theraces held at organization mail address provided on the website by 07/01/17

Produce a medical certificate dated within one year (the day of the event), which states your current state of health

By enrolling the competitor certifies that he or she is in physical and psychological condition fit for participating in the trail. They also certify to being aware of its difficulties and risks.

Should the enrolment be based on a fake declaration as to the completed trail, the enrolment will be cancelled and no reimbursement will be made.

At the discretion of the organization, some races considered particularly demanding will be considered qualifying even if they do not reflect the characteristics outlined above. These opportunities will be communicated widely on our site www.crotrail.com.

Art. 23 – Registration Process

The admission requirements are indicated in article 4 of this Regulation.

The number of members is limited to quotas and 500 for the Cro Trail and 200 each for the Trail Marguareis Trail and the French Riviera

It will not be allowed to either excange or sell the bibs.

The opening of entries is set for December 01, 2016; Registration will close on July 5, 2017, 23:59

If you want the thrill of participating in our races here are the links to use

Cro Trail Trail Marguareis Trail French Riviera
wedosport wedosport wedosport

The registration process will be managed completely online at WeDoSport where it will be possible for all races enrollment, payment and send the certificate Medical Sportsman.

Once you sign up you will need to submit proof of qualifying races via email at iscrizioni@wedosport.net

In case of cancellation of the race or not to participate, there is no refund.

The distribution of race bibs will be held Friday, July 8 on the town hall square of Limone Piemonte.

Art.24 – Entry Fees

Before 31 december 2016

  • 95 € for the TRAIL CRO
  • 70 € for the TRAIL MARGUAREIS
  • 40 € for the TRAIL FRENCH RIVIERA

From January 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017

  • 125 € for the TRAIL CRO
  • 80 € for the TRAIL MARGUAREIS
  • 45 € for the TRAIL FRENCH RIVIERA

From June 1, 2017

  • 140 € for the TRAIL CRO
  • 90 € for the TRAIL MARGUAREIS
  • 50 € for the TRAIL FRENCH RIVIERA

There will be the possibility of group transport from Menton to Limone on Friday (for the partecipants of CRO-TRAIL), from Breil to Limone on Friday (for the participants of the Trail of Marguareis), from Menton to Breil on Saturday (for the French Riviera): reservation required during the final registration process for a donation of € 10.00 for the Cro and € 7.00 for the other two trails.

The opening of the registrations for the 3 trails will be on 1 December 2016.

The registration period will close once the maximum number of competitors has been reached.

The Entry Fees cover: A reward by Montura, a personalized number with control-chip ( to be handed over at the finishing line) , the Organization assistance of the event (Check-point Staff, Organization Staff, Jury and Race Director), the medical and the rescue assistance (Doctors, Nurses, First-Aid and Rescue workers), the food and beverage points (see road-book), the Organization’s third party liability insurance cover, the competitor’s accident insurance, the transport of bags (art.14), the transport to the finish of those that have abandoned (art.9), a meal at the finish, and a Montura technical clothing for the “Finishers”, a diploma, rewards to the winners, and an end of race drink.