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Cro trail – Marguareis – Riviera Francese



Dear Trailer,
We are there, it’s time for the big challenge – the Cro; The weather should be beautiful and not too hot; Everything makes us hope that this will be a fabulous journey into Alpine and Mediterranean nature, we remind you of the latest recommendations; Good luck, we are waiting for you on the beach at Menton for a beautiful regenerating bathe in the sea.

Shuttle Bus
CroTrail – Shuttle Menton-Limone
Departs 10am Friday 7th July from the front of the Lucien Rhein Stadium

Marguareis – Shuttle Breil-Limone
Departs 11am Friday 7th July from the side of the Breil sur Roya train station

Riviera Trail – Shuttle Menton-Breil
Departs Saturday 8th July at 1030 am from the front of the Lucien Rhein stadium in Menton

Packet Pick Up
Cro Trail and Marguareis
From 1pm -4pm at the Main Square in Limone Piemonte

Riviera Trail
From midday until 2pm under the town band stand structure in Breil, or at the start of the course at 2:30pm

All the trailers will be equipped with trackers for your security and to give as close to real time as possible your location on the course so that your friends can follow your progress towards the finish line. There will be checks along the course and if you cannot present your tracker it will result in immediate disqualification. Only for CroTrail and Marguareis, when you pick up your packet with your number and tracker, you will have to leave a deposit of €100.00, which will be returned to you at the finish of your race.

There will also be surprise checks in the start and along the course on your compulsory equipment and if you don’t have the required kit you will be disqualified. It is recommended that you leave the refreshment posts and water posts with at least 1.5-2L of water. The course is long and it is easy to get dehydrated particularly in hot weather. If it is extremely hot, the organisers will not require the trailers in the Riviera Trail to have the following in their compulsory equipment: long trousers/leggings, gloves or thermal layer, but everything else will remain compulsory.

In order to avoid any doubt, if you retire from the Cro at Breil, your name will not be put down as a finisher of the Marguareis Trail, and all time barriers will be respected to the minute.

In Menton there are two parking possibilities. For free in the football ground near the Port Garavan Rondelli Stadium, or inside the new Sablettes parking near the old port for a special price of €10 for the 2 days (Cro) and €5.60 for one day (Riviera)on presentation of your race number upon exit.

Discount tickets for the restaurants of Limone Piemonte at € 15.00 will be distributed at the withdrawal of the race packets on the village square.

Cro Trail

To all participants, in addition to the race package, you will be offered a Montura item. A splendid windbreaker waistcoat from “Montura” will be offered to all finishers.

Montura GiletMontura
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